My wife and I enjoy keeping touch on the air. In the mountains of PA where we live, it is much more reliable than using cell phones. You can find us on 146.82 or 442.100 repeaters near Altoona, PA.

I am an ARRL certified VE, and have VE credentials bestowed upon me by the Laurel Amateur Radio Club. Also, I teach Amateur Radio classes, using the material provided by Gordon West, W5YI. 

My operating activities are not as much as I like, but I serve as the Wednesday morning Net Control for our Over The Hill net which meets each weekday morning on the local repeater, 146.82 (123 PL) @ 8:00 AM. I'm just now getting involved with HF digital, so you might find me lurking around on 14.070 MHz.

N 3 L M S 's World of Ham Radio..


My Name is Wayne, N3LMS (formerly N4DCL). I have been a licensed Radio Amateur for nearly 40 years. Back in the day, late 1976 to be more precise, I attended a class to become a Novice Class licensed Ham Radio Operator. At the time, Morse Code was a requirement, 5 WPM, and during the testing, you had to listen and copy 5 minutes of code, 1 minute of which had to be perfect copy. Testing was administered at the nearest FCC office. I took my test in February, 1977, and passed. About a month later, I took the written test to upgrade to Technician Class, and, of course, I passed.

My next hurdle was the 13 WPM code requirement to upgrade to General Class. I was stuck at around 10 WPM - the plateau, as it was called, that many others seemed to have difficulty getting over. But, with the help of another Ham, whom I conversed (QSO'd) with regularly over the airwaves using Morse Code (CW), I eventually became proficient enough to attempt the 13 WPM test. I hadn't realized that my Ham friend had been gradually upping the rate during our QSO's to the point where I was actually copying around 15 - 18 WPM. 

And, in February 1980, I passed my 13 WPM code test and was upgraded to General Class, where I remained until June, 2006, At which time, my wife, Judy - N3JCN, became a duly licensed Technician Class Operator, and I successfully upgraded to Extra Class.